1982 BJ40 Afternoon Hot Start Blues

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Sep 16, 2013
Jakarta, Indonesia
Gents! I am a newbie and driving a 1982 BJ40 as a daily driver in Jakarta. I have had it for two years and love it. My only problems occur in the afternoon when I drive it for 10 to 15 minutes. Turn it off for two minutes and then try to restart. It simply does not like this hot start and I inevitably end up getting pushed out of a checkpoint much to my chagrin. If I come back in an hour or later, it cranks right up! I go through this very same process each morning with no issues with the hot restart! Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks! Mando
If its a BJ40, it doesnt have a carb...

Typically, diesels don't have a problem starting once they are warm. Maybe a cracked injector line that is letting air into the system? When it is cold it contracts and seals up the crack. Just a guess.

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