1981 honda civic 1500GL

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Dec 21, 2014
I have a carburetor issue, runs great but wont hold an idle. changed the solenoids on the carburetor, adjusted the mix, but wont hold and idle. Found the ignition lock assembly is not good and not sure if that controls the solenoids as it has a 6 prong on it and yes I am not very good at car stuff, I am just a gal trying to get her car going so with out calling me names it would be nice if anyone had info. I thought once the new ignition lock assembly was installed I would know if that was causing the problem. Open for ideas.
Sounds like a idle circuit issue. Ever see if the float is sitting at the right height? ever clean out the idle circuit with carb cleaner? Idle circuit is separate from main jets because there is not enough airflow across jets/venturi to maintain a idle.

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