1981 FJ60 Head Job and retoration

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May 2, 2016
Well finally started working on my new FJ. Plan is to get it mechanically sound and refurbish the truck.
Tried to buy the rig for several years and finally got it aftger the PO blew the head gasket. so far
Head is out to machine shop for a valve job. I do not think it was cracked but we will see. I did see where gasket was breached. So not that it is apart today decided to try and clean up engine compartment. So repainting as much and as many parts as I can. I took a lot of pictures since memory is shot and can post if anyone interested in how I went about it.
But I have a question. while cleaning the passenger side of engine I spun off the filter and see this creamy il mixture. I expected that but would be changing oil as part of all this along with belts and hoses etc.. Anyhow I stick a 5 gallon bucket under it to go ahead and let oil drain while cleaning. I laid there to see how much cream came out.. A bunch.. I know this guy holds almost 9 quarts of oil but I filled up a 5 gallon bucket with the drain I did. So now I would prefer trying to clean as much left on the walls out before pouring in 50 bucks of oil and filter.
Is there anything I can do to get more of it out or am I stuck with just draining and then just fill up and run it a couple weeks and change again or what.. Thought about just pouring some diesel in and just let it go right through it and hopefully wash more off the walls.
I would like to get more of it out of the oil cooler as well. I am replacing all the hoses as I go and be nice to get that cram out before new hoses go on as well.

Thanks. Love this site. Ton of knowledge and I will be needing it.

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