1981 FJ60 Failed Colorado Emissions

May 28, 2003
My 1981 FJ60 is failing the Colorado Emissions for CO% at 2500 rpm.

I changed the spark plugs, oil and air cleaner and the FJ60
failed the CO% was 1.55 (limit 1.50)

Next I added a product called sea foam to clean the carburetor and engine (into carb and gas tank). And had a retest after running two tanks of fuel through it and added some no smoke from NAPA to the oil (was smoking some). Now it really failed, blowing dark smoke and the CO% was over 4.5 (limit 1.50)

I decided that the cleaner trashed the carburetor so I rebuilt it with a kester (sp) kit. It no longer smokes but still fails the emissions.
The CO% is down to 3.5 range.

Any suggestions as to what the solvent based cleaner could have done/messed up.

I am lost as to what could be causing this problem!
Jun 14, 2002
Make sure your engine is good and hot ( normal opp. temp. ) and that your EGR valve is functioning properly. I beleive that to much cooling in the cylinder temp. will cause your CO to increase which is what your EGR does by allowing exhaust gas in to cool combustion chamber temps. There's no oxygen sensor correct? This can be a problem with feedback carbs ( carbs with sensors ) and FI engines. Its also possible the no-smoke damaged or solvent damaged a sensor if equiped.
Mar 30, 2003
Washington State
Never ever ever add anything to your oil prior to an emissions test especially If it involves checking for HC's. As far as CO goes, I would check the mixture and ensure that the engine is getting ENOUGH air and that it is NOT getting too much fuel. Beware, if they are checking for HC's or NOX and you go about this wrong (i.e. bypassing devices or modifying/incorrectly adjusting equipment) , you will fail those as well. Just thank god that your vehicle is not (yet) subject to the IM141 testing standards like Phoenix. I failed those with my stock '95 Volvo (NOX, CO, and HC's)
May 28, 2003
Re: 1981 FJ60 Failed Colorado Emissions,  Air Pump

The air pump works and is pumping all the air to the bypass side.
The system fails before test AI #1 in the 1981 toyota emissions manual.
Here is the problem, what causes the pump output in this system to be routed to the correct location.
All of the hoses are connected, the correct size and not broken yet the AI lines do not have any vacuum at idle.
I checked another 1983 FJ60 very quickly and it did.

With the AI system online it should pass the sniffer test.

please let me know


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