1981 2F Engine Bearings

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Jan 24, 2009
Tualatin, Oregon
I have a 1981 2F engine that I opened up and have found is in pretty good shape. I have taken the cylinder head off and taken it in to be cleaned, resurfaced and tested and it is in great shape. Since I have everything opened up I figured I should go ahead and replace the bearings. What I am wondering is how do you determine the size of the bearings? And where is a good place to purchase bearings (main bearings, cam bearings, rod bearings)? :eek:
The bearing shells should have indication markings on the back side if they are oversize........

Most all machine shops stamp the turn-down on the first counter lobe of the crank........

A simple micrometer is useful ........

Any parts store can order the bearing sets.........

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