1980 Tire Carrier, Tire weight limit

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Dec 11, 2006
Rockwall, TX
Can my stock tire carrier, tube style, carry a 33x12.50 on a 15x 8 steel wheel? I don't want to overload it, so I'm considering a smaller spare if I need to. THanks!
I have on my my 77 about that size. I put a thick washer on each post to space the wheel out a little. A groove was rubbing into the sidewall of the tire where the carrier hinge is.
I've been running that size on my stock carrier since I bought my truck. I spaced mine out with some 12x1.5 nuts about 3/4" so the tire doesn't get squished onto the carrier, and so it clears my soft top bows when it's down. It's been fine for 6-7 years now.

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