1980 FJ40 Turn Signal Problem???

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Jan 8, 2006
Buffalo, Wyoming
1980 Fj40. My turn signals don't work. The hazards do work. The fuze is good and the wiring seems to be ok. The only thing I can think is the turn/hazard flasher is not working properly and I dont know why if the hazards are working. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!:confused: :confused:
I had a similar problem with my 76FJ. If the hazards are working, then the problem is not in the flasher switch. I found the problem in my rig to be the turn signal switch. The contacts had "carboned up" so much that they would not complete the circuit. I used an pencil eraser to clean them up and they worked OK for a while. I eventuall had to replace the turn signal switch. It's relatively easy and inexpensive to get to and replace. Check your Hanes or factory repair manual for details. Best of luck
Bill L. aka Yoda'stoy
:D I got it fixed. I couldn't get the wipers to work either so I decided to replace all the fuzes in the block and clean the connections. Well, to my amazement, the turn signals and the wipers now work. :doh: It's amazing how we create mountains out of mole hills. :eek:

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