1980 Fj40 $2500

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1980 Fj40 $2000

This is 1980 fj40 for $2000.00. The winch, hard top, ambulance rear doors, hard front doors and the rear jump seats will all be removed. The bad the truck was in a wreck some years ago and they did an pretty decent job of the repair. The wreck accured in the drivers door and as a result crunched the floor board are and the pillar that the door attaches to. The front end is all from an early 70ish model and that includes the front drum axle. I starts right up and runs like a top. brakes are good and it has a new brake master. Hardly any rust to speak of. The wrecked part really is not that big of a deal and would make a realy nice rig for someone. You can email me also at speedn3@aol.com thanks Deryl

South Louisiana
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yes it is a 1980 model. that is on the title and the vin number matches an 1980 model year number. GAs tank is under the truck and the hand brake is on the floor board. The fenders and hood ans bib has just been swapped out.
wow no one what about at $2000
great news my other fj's 2f crapped out today :crybaby: so I will have to put of selling this until I know I dont need it.

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