1979 & Up Front Seats

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Mar 3, 2011
I'm working on some of the issues from the PO on a 1979 FJ40. Some aftermarket seats were installed and the brackets are very poorly done. I'm worried about safety more than anything. Currently thinking about restoring to original or maybe going with a different aftermarket setup. After searching for an hour I can't seem to find pics of original brackets on a 1979 and newer. Does anyone have some pics they could post of the front seat brackets?
See pic I "borrowed" from an ebay listing. As mentioned above, the slider is the seat bracket & bolts directly to the tub.

Seat bottoms.JPG
I have a 82 tub I can take pictures of the seat brackets spot welded to tub. Like mentioned the 79+ just have the sliders. The back of the sliders just bolt to fixed nuts in the floor but the front sliders bolt to brackets. Your tub probably still has the brackets unless the floor was rusted and repair.
Your tub is clearing cleaner than mine but after selling the home made trailer I hauled the 82 frame and tub home with for scarp metal I already made money.:)
The seat rails do detach from the seat bottoms. They can be removed and changed from one side to the other.

Look for Shane's post on recovering seats in a 79. Some great pics in that thread.
This was all very helpful. I don't have the original seats as the PO put cheap replacements in that really don't fit well at all. I may just have to splurge on something aftermarket. I've started looking at all the posts on front seats. Anyone have something they like for that year?
OEM, is my preference. Thinking most forum vendors will have aftermarket seats.
If you want OE, post up in the wanted section, or browse the For Sale section. They are out there. I have a few sets myself.
I just installed some Corbeau Sportline Evolution seats in a 1980, including their brackets. Here is a pic. The brackets are stout (I upgraded to the heavier ones) but they could have done a better job on giving some tolerance to line up with OEM bolt holes. Still, they went in reasonably after some re-alignment efforts. Nice thing is it is a direct bolt in - I still have my original seats if I ever want to switch back out.

No driveable yet, but they feel good to sit in and pretend.....


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