Wanted 1979 FJ40 Steering box fitting

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Aug 13, 2020
Cypress, Texas
United States
I have a 1979 Toyota steering box that I need the return fitting out of the steering box. Its just a fitting with a piece of pipe sticking out of it. Its 12mm which is why it is hard to find. Most of the newer boxes had the larger fitting. Anyone know who might carry one of those?
I have the larger one. I remember now that I bought it when I put the '79 mini truck box in my truck a few years ago. I didn't realize the '79 box was different at the time. I think the pn is 44416-35010. Sorry, I don't recall where I found it, but it looks like it was probably used.

It been a long time since I did mine. But, I I had the high pressure hose made at a local hydraulics shop. The small hard line that came out of the top was from a Tundra. Searched my notes but can't find the part number.
On my 79 fj40 power steering gearbox, the low pressure fitting is smaller than the input or pressure side. I’m pretty sure it is 14mmx1.5 Thread. I have this fitting that would work on my box, you can then maybe use gas line or possibly brake line.

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