1979 + FJ40 Seats

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Nov 5, 2003
Just north of here
1979 + FJ40 Seats - Lots of Delivery Areas

I need these gone!

Fit 1979+ years

Located Spokane, WA.

Delivery Areas
Idaho - Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Blackfoot areas
Utah - Ogden, Salt Lake, Provo (not until August)
Montana - driving through to Idaho Falls so Missoula, Deer Lodge, Dillon
Oregon - driving through from Spokane to CA so Bend, La Pine, Redmond)
Washington - anywhere from Spokane to Bellingham (Moses Lake, Ellensberg, Mt. Vernon Everett, Kirkland)
California - Redding, Chico, Oroville

$175 OBO. I need these gone!

Passenger's (click for bigger picture)

Driver's (click for bigger picture)

Or a link to the album...

My Public Shoebox pictures from friends & fun photos on webshots

If anyone wants different pictures of the seats, I can take them.
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Not sure how to ship them. I would prefer local pickup or delivery to the areas listed above. I can get them to SLC (August) , and you may have someone MUD Ship from there.

I have stuck them in a wardrobe box and shipped them grey hound before. August is probably to late for me. May try mud ship and see if any one is coming this way or to Montana the next month.
I am looking into Greyhound for shipping and will let you know what I find out. Will be through Missoula May 11th and back probably May 13th.



Greyhound http://www.shipgreyhound.com/scripts/quotes/gpxStep1.asp

Spokane to Denver $120
I estimated on the weights and length of the longest side (55 lbs each? and 36 inches on longest side).

From Spokane to Denver, Greyhound only allows one parcel so they would have to be sent on two different buses.
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Ouch, that is a lot to ship. I thought it would have been a little less. I will check into mud ship and see if anyone can bring them closer. Thanks for checking on the shipping.

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