For Sale 1979 fj40 for sale in Colorado. V8 hard top

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United States
Hey everyone. New here and looking to part with my 1979 fj40 land cruiser. Original blue paint interior has everything (dash pad rear heater jump seats in great condition.) front seats are pretty torn and there's rust In the usual, late 70s early 80s 40 series, places. Drives floor pan rust is pretty bad the passanger side is not terrible. The rear bed looks like it was patched quickly in one spot and probably needs to be re done. Has and chevy small block conversion. Original 4 speed tranny. Lifted on 35 inch bfgs with lots if tread left. Any questions send me an email through Craig's list.
Asking 10000 obo. Thanks.

CL: 1979 fj40 landcruiser
Please keep us informed if it sells!

I'm going to post mine up in about a month and it's just about the exact same truck - ha!
No just deleted it since there's no interest. I don't know how to delete thread on here
I may be interested in a couple months. I would just leave it here, you never know when someone will come along. I don’t think many people want to buy vehicles right after the holidays. I bet it will sell in spring. Post a video of the motor running/walk around if you have one.
Will do. I have a video of a cold start. if you want it pm me I'll give you my email and send it
Sorry took down the post for now I don't know how to delete this thread otherwise I would.

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