SOLD 1978 FJ55 California, near LA

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Vehicle Model
  1. 55 Series
Lone Pine, California United States
Well loved 1978 FJ55. Runs great and in great shape with some rust bubbles showing in a few areas. This vehicle had a frame on restoration in 2007 that cost me $23K. All visible rust was cut and new steel welded in. Entire interior redone. Many other details to restore to mint at the time. Motor is the original 6 cylinder and most recently had rebuilt carburetor installed. I have owned this vehicle since 2000 and continually kept up on all mechanical. Tailgate window works. I don't really want to sell this vehicle, but I am not using it enough. With all the research I have done and the money I have invested, I am asking $20,000. I believe this is a fair price, as I don't think it would take much body/mechanical work to make this vehicle worth well above $20K. Willing to discuss lower price if you bring reasonable discussion as to why this is to much or comparable examples. Cheers, Jeff



Jeff, looks like a very nice pig but you'll need way more pics for this crowd, high res shots of the undercarriage, the interior, the rust areas you refer to and of course the engine bay. GLWS.
I can't speak to the truck as I haven't seen it in person, yet. However, I can definitely vouch for Jeff - he's a honest, hard-charging type of guy. You shouldn't have any concerns dealing with him from a business perspective.

Jeff, GLWS!!!

I'm a player at $12k. Not trying to lowball but its what I have.
Understand where you are coming from and appreciate it. I am going to hold out for a bit to see if I can get closer to my asking price. We will see what happens . I’ll reach back to you if or check back. Cheers
are those holes the ones you fixed in 2007? or new ones showing up?
Holes from rust are new. Starting in the areas where water collected at bottom of doors. Minimal but there. Dry here in the desert so maintaining not growing

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