1978 FJ40 Which pistons and valves to go with for rebuild?

Oct 3, 2012
Dallas, Texas
I've got a 1978 Land Cruiser that burns oil as much as it burns gas. I plan on pulling the engine out in the coming weeks to send off to the machine shop and was wondering what brand piston set do y'all recommend going with and how much should I tell the shop to bore it over?
Next on the list I was going to see what places y'all recommend sourcing the valves and seats from. I love doing business with cruiser outfitters but internal engine components aren't in their inventory list.

I try to stick with OEM only parts as much as I can but to my knowledge Toyota never made oversized pistons for this year range 2F.

I plan on resurfacing the intake manifold during this time as well as getting a set of headers. New oil pump, bearings, wrist pins and all of the usual rebuild jazz.

Any help and other tips that I should do at the same time would be much appreciated.
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Sep 20, 2022
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Oversized bores aren't advised, just if you need a fresh cylinder wall surface. However, there are folks who do the whole performance engine builds, but, greater cylinder displacement at the expense of thinner block walls, I guess you could do that. You'll have to see if it has been rebuilt before to see what pistons will fit, I measure the bores with a pair of digital calipers, but, to do that, you'll pull the head. Then you can go shopping. You might want to determine if the head is original to the engine-year, in case of previous rebuild.

My feeling is to just swap factory engines, using your current one as a core. Trust the machine shop, you'll have no choice. Be done with the project by obtaining something already rebuilt.

Burning oil isn't much to worry about, unless you recently replaced your valve stem seals; I made mine go almost completely away. If the tube from the PCV valve going to the intake manifold is heavy with oil, maybe you need new rings, and a full rebuild. Otherwise, it is basically routine maintenance to replace these twelve little engine oil seals.

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