1978 fj40 rear brake proportioning valve

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May 11, 2002
twin cities
Does anyone know the correct orientation for this valve? Or does it really matter?

I'm not sure but I think it is just a junction not an actual valve. On my 78 and 79 axles it is positioned just like yours. On my 74 axle it is rotated 90 degrees. All three work.
Proportioning valve would be on the booster. Mounted on the lower mounting bolts.
Ahhh. Makes sense .

thanks !
The proportioning valve is by the booster near firewall as mentioned above. Not sure if originals still available but Rog(City Racer LLC) sells one that I hear works well.
Got it. Thanks !
I posted some pics here showing the orientation of that rear junction: Rear brake line position

Pardon the rust, I'm just getting started. It will be fixed. :)

I don't think it matters but your's looks 90' off. The "fat" end should go towards the feed line.
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I think you are correct
I think your T is is installed incorrectly. It appears 180* off and upside down. Look at the link go to post #124 and scroll down to the pic. 2 of the ports should have female inverted flares in them so the hard line flares have something to seal up against. I think the soft line port would be open and tightens up against the T with a copper sealing washer.
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Even makes more sense!
Thank you


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