1977 stout dble cab..

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Wow, I have never seen one or heard of one. A double-cab? Hmmmmmm. That could be a fun build up.
Is it a factory double cab? Or some sort of conversion?
Its funny you posted this. I was just daydreaming of a Toyota Stout abandoned here in town. I was thinking... 60axles, 3bt.... split t-case, exoskeleton. If only I could win the lotto :frown:
dble cab factory stout 1977

only one i got..takle some more asap..it's all there....the motor has been swapped some time ago for a 21r..but it's great...
Is it factory? The wings on the rear windows make me think conversion of some type?
I have been sitting here staring and dreaming. WOW! That is fxxxing COOL! I want it. I think I would give up my GTO, FJ60, and 4Runner for that :eek:
1977??!! i thought they stopped those in 7 years earlier. that is a very neat truck.
I did a Google image search for "Toyota Stout" and came up with some modern stouts in Ecuador
but they look like Tacomas. Then I came across this Toyota Koromo? Some sort of Cuiser looking rig.

I love your Stout! It's very cool looking. I wonder how many others are out there. I wish I could find more pics. The WWW let me down!

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