1977 or later locking hup operation question

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Jun 4, 2009
New Smyrna Beach FL
I installed my front 1977 axles or so I was told. It does have the 4.11 gears based on my tire rotation test, but it has a fine spline pinion flange so it might be 1978 or later. The rear axle had coarse spline.

The axle has warn front locking hubs, the options say "Lock" or "Automatic" When I turned them to lock the locked, but when I turned it back to "Automatic" they did not unlock. It is stilling on stands still not driving.

So what does automatic mean and do. I have had truck with the typical "Lock" and "Free" and ones that automatically locked when in 4wd and had no knob or option at the wheel, only putting it into 4wd from the cab.

So school me on how these work. Searching did not return the results, to many common words I guess.

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