1977 FJ40 Parts

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Nov 7, 2003
Long Island, NY
United States
Front grill - no emblem
Transmission - 4 speed (great shape)
Transfer case - 4 speed (leaks at ebrake)
Rear axle shafts (fine spline)
Spider gears (2 sets)
Oil pan
Air injection rail x2
Choke cable
2F head x2
2F short block (spun bearing, good shape otherwise)
Bell housing for a 4 speed
SM420 - fantastic shape

Other ods and ends just ask.

Location - Colorado Springs (80831)

Make an offer on whatever you may be interested in. Will ship or help ship what I can.
Looking for the following:

Bracket that holds the radiator overflow bottle (round bottle)
Charcoal canister and all related brackets, grommets & tubes
The small cover on the driver side floorboard where the speedo cable goes through
Bracket to which the factory fuel filter attaches

Drop me a line if you've got any of this stuff. Thanks.
Do you have jump seats? Also license plate light and bracket? PM me! Thanks, John
I have a charcoal cannister, I think i have the cover for the speedo bracket, i'll have to check. Jump seats no - but I can put you in touch with someone who has a pristene set and a set taht needs resto.

I am not sure what any of this is worth. I believe the charcoal cannister is out of an 83 FJ60.

Just make offers on all this stuff, I can do paypal as well....


I need a driver's side radiator support rod, headlight bezel and manual throttle control (cable, bracket and all). Do you have any of these? Potentially interested in all of the upper and lower dash pads if they are in good shape.
I could use a choke cable if it is in good working and cosmetic condition.
hi i was wondering how mutch what you want for the 4 speed transmission with the transfercase i live in cali my zip is 95503 please let me know

You have a Pm.
Looking for all associated parts to add an oil cooler to my 6/77 FJ40. I just bought the water pump, but still need the oil cooler and all associated hard lines and hoses as well as the thermostat housing.


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