1977 FJ40; Last year for a true points style ignition??

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Aug 18, 2013
Prescott Valley, AZ
So I am looking at a 1977 FJ40 that needs lots of love....don't they all??? Lol, anyways as far as the stock ignition goes, I assume this is the last year for the points style ignition??? I know my '78 has no points and want to be sure the '77 is a kettering style points ignition. Thx guys
I know my '77 has a points style ignition.
I'm pretty sure '77's had the hybrid system utilizing stock type points to trigger an igniter, which then triggered the coil. After '77, FJ40's had a hall effect sensor rather than the points. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the hybrid points/igniter type system, plus it has the advantage of being able to trigger the coil in an emergency if the igniter ever fails.

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