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May 30, 2019
Please help.

I want to fit an H55 gearbox to my 1977 FJ40.

In the UK I have sourced the following parts from Toyota;
H55 gearbox part no. 33030-60450
Transfer case part no. 36110-6E181
Transfer case part no. 36110-6E180

Pls can anyone advise me about compatibility issues, shaft diameters or spline numbers.

I plan to move the chassis torque bar, fit a disc brake E brake conversion kit from Cruiser Parts and have the prop shafts shortened/replaced.

All I know about this is what I have read on this forum and on the internet.

I can't find anyone in the UK who has done this before, so would be grateful for any helpful advise.

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Hugh Heifer

Chasing the Beast
May 10, 2006
Rome, GA
I did it with an H55 mated to an FJ62 split case all with the last ever available Man a Fre FJ40 parking brake kit. I used a modified FJ60 three piece crossmember lowering the parking brake below the torsion tube. Because the H55 is longer than the H41 having the crossmember is wise rather than having the longer weight hanging off the engine without support. I know @Poser did one for someone after the MAF kits were all gone. Maybe you can get some advice from him.

Edit: if that is a pic of your truck it looks great.

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