1977 fj40 + 4.3 VSS question

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Feb 27, 2008
Kernersville, N.C.
I've checked around and can't find information specifically on the VSS. I'm going to install a 95 - 4.3 in my 77 crusier, all stock except for the 4.3. This may have been asked many times before but do I need to purchase a new VSS? I'm assuming the engine already has a VSS from factor but not sure. The engine came from a buggy and is basically a stand alone unit. It came with everything except the power steering pump. The computer and wiring harness were sent off before I bought it and had everything not useful removed. All I have to do is plug it up add the O2 sensor to the new exhaust and it should be fairly close to ready. I have alot of experience with carbed engines but not completely up to snuff on the fule injected engines. If this has been beat to death I applogise but can't find info on it other that people saying it is needed.
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Howdy! The Vehicle Speed Sensor was originally located on the transmission or transfer case of the host vehicle. It could be a 2 pulse or 4 pulse, you will have to figure that out based on the original donor. One or more of our vendor/members should be able to help you out on this. If the computer and wiring harness were sent off to someone other than you, then you will need to replace them. There are aftermarket wiring harnesses available, but I don't know about this application. Some "not useful" things are very useful to the computer, such as knock sensor and egr systems. Hope you get it all up and running soon. John
you might check www.jagsthatrun.com they have some good info on VSS sensors, its mostly V-8 conversion stuff but good info. look in the TBI and TPI conversion section, they have a PDF file on VSS's you can download and it may help identify what you need. i bought there 2 pulse VSS for toyota aplications for my TPI install ($89.00) but they also have 4 pulse and that should be what you need for the 95 if i remember correctly. and you may look at www.chevythunder.com it may be of use too. and check out www.thirdgen.org and search there site for info, but you may have to log in to check them out. good luck and hope it helps.

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