1977 Bj40 with starter relay issue, can some one recommend a replacement ? (1 Viewer)

Sep 12, 2020
Hi noobie here, been reading the site for quite a while, its very helpful...thank you.

I have a 1977 Bj40, B engine 12 volt system originally from Costa Rica, now in Ontario Canada.

My starter relay is in question and today, the truck won't start. I had the starter rebuilt, was ok other than the click for months,

a mechanic said it was the relay, that was giving me the intermitted issues, as the multi meter indicated.

Silly me, I tried to clean it (wd40, sand nuts &connections) and now it maybe the cause that it won't run. the part for this relay is 28300-47010 as attached in pics located under passenger side dash, next glow plug relay.

A 3 pole 12 volt potentially original unit. I actually have 4 wires connected to the unit ( single on the centre pole, one on top, and 2 on lower.

1. can I replace it with any similar relay?
2. any recommendations... as i have searched unsuccessfully for this specific part .

I appreciate your wisdom in advance, as I am sure ill be asking more questions.


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