1976 FJ55 in NC

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Feb 26, 2002
Roxboro, NC
United States
Listing for a friend:

1976 FJ55 for sale. This Cruiser is all original. The body is in decent condition, it does have some rust but it's not rotten. The rust could be fixed without extensive work. It is solid white, I think it's the original paint.

The 55 runs pretty good, but it does smoke. The head has been reworked and a brand new header installed, but the 2F needs rings. The Cruiser has the 4-speed tranny and disc brake front axle.

This is an excellant project vehicle, it wouldn't take much to make it a nice FJ55. The owner just has too many other projects right now. He is asking $1500 for it. I can get pics if anyone is interested. Located in Roxboro, NC.

I have pics of the FJ55 to send out now. I need a list of email addresses to send pics to, I lost the PMs.

Sorry for the delayed reply, I have been working 70+ hours a week lately as well as doing a V8 conversion in my FJ40.

Here are some pics he sent me.
Very interested I will be in NC this weekend. Still got the thing
Still For Sale

Is the pig in still for sale? If so; you or the owner can give me a call at 919-669-8999, I'm only about an hour from Roxboro and would like to see it in person. Thanks.
The Cruiser is still available. I will get more pics, but it may be a little while, my digital camera isn't working too well right now.



I appreciate the offer for more pictures. To be honest, I probably wouldn't buy anything without seeing it in person. I am relatively close to Roxboro and would love to speak with you or the owner about the FJ55 and make arrangements to see it in person as soon as his schedule allows. Give me a call 919-669-8999, if i'm not available please leave a call back number. Thanks.

This Cruiser is still available. He is a motivated seller right now, make an offer if you're interested.

Could you send me an e-mail (dsa03cjj@gmail.com) with his information and those same pics? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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