1976 FJ55 For Sale (1 Viewer)

Jan 30, 2009
Smoke Run PA
Not to pick on the southerners. But I can't believe what you consider rusty, being in PA where salt is used heavily. My first Cruiser was a FJ55. It had rust issues driving to work one day the battery fell thru the box and was hanging by the cables. Next the gas tank fell out from under it. When I couldn't get the gate open I jacked it up stuffed a 2x6 under where the rear sill plate had been and nailed it thru the floor. When a buddy of mine (a policeman) saw that the door was wired shut because the bottom of the post had rusted from the floor. He informed me that I would be fined if he saw it on the road again.
Oct 10, 2007
I was wondering if this is still for sale and what you are asking for it now that the rust is fixed?

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