1976 FJ40 LC Fuel Guage (2 Viewers)

Feb 22, 2021
Good morning!

So I have a 76 FJ40 LC with a ton of electric issues since I had to get an aftermarket wiring harness put in, the main problem being a parasitic battery drain. After playing with a voltmeter for an hour, I found the instrument cluster was the main culprit.

Now I already have an aftermarket Oilpressure/Voltmeter/Temp gauges because the cluster panel never worked properly after the aftermarket harness install, so the only aftermarket guage I need now is a fuel gauge.

Any advice on an aftermarket fuel guage?

I know I can keep track and estimate via pen and paper, but a gauge would be nice.

Thanks for any help!
Jun 5, 2007
Brea, Calif.
Your stock sending unit works on 120 ohms empty by 17 ohms full, you won't find an aftermarket gauge with that math, unless you have Centroid Products make you an electronic sending unit that matches any aftermarket gauge you end up with (240 empty by 33 full is most common aftermarket sender/gauge values).

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