1976 FJ40 Charcoal Canister Hard Line Routing To Fuel Separator Check Valve?

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Nov 24, 2019
Can someone post up an image of how they routed the charcoal canister to fuel separator check valve hard line on a 1976 or 1977 FJ40?

I’m making the lines and am not sure if the line is attached to the outside frame or to the body. The hardline is circled below in red. The other image arrow shows where the fuel separator check valve exits the inside of the truck.


I'm not sure if there is a difference from 76 to my 1/78 model but it's not a straight shot to the separator. It takes a couple turns under the tub and back towards the separator where it pops up. If you can confirm there isn't a difference I would be happy to take some pics and measurements if you want to re-create the original.
Thank you. Yes. I think it's the same. The cannister is mounted on passenger side inside wheel well. The bracket on my 76 is different than your 1/78. It appears the line runs along the inside of the inner rocker panel then crosses over (to the inside) to slide through grommet and then up the floor to firewall using the metal straps shown in image 1 below)?

IMAGE #1 (Floor
I can get out in my garage this evening and take some pics and measurements if that will help you. Just let me know.
I can get out in my garage this evening and take some pics and measurements if that will help you. Just let me know.
That would be very helpful. I have everything ready to go. Measuring the hard line would be a bonus.
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The line from the separator to the canister should go on the rocker panel. There should be some more metal hold downs like you show in your picture. The parts diagram above shows a rounded bump out, that goes around/up and over the reinforcement in the middle of the rocker panel. It does not pass through that grommet you show though. If you look at your parts diagram there is another short hardline that goes to the bottom of the canister, down that firewall rib and just sticks in that grommet. That is the breather pipe, it vents the fuel tank through the charcoal canister. The idea was to let it vent in the body rib there to reduce water and dust intake. Separator line just pops into the engine bay under that rib somewhere there and shoots up towards the canister. At the gas tank, the separator line comes straight up through two grommets in the big hollow mid body support tube. Only sticks into the cab a few inches, then the pressure/checkvalve, then more rubber to the singular nipple on the top of the vapor separator. Three lower nipples off the separator go to the gas tank of course. Separator actually bolts to the cover over the filler neck.
What a great tech write up @MoCoNative. This makes sense to me now. While the bends in mine will not be factory, I will be using a copper wire to finesse the pattern to get close. It’s a lot easier to bend than the 5/16 stainless steel lines.
If you make the line accurately enough you will have to remove the running board support to install it. There is no way to wrestle it in with the upward 90 bend to the separator, the bump over the middle support in the rocker, and then the wobble around the body rib and upward journey towards the canister.
Got it. My truck no longer has any of the welded pliable metal brackets on the rocker. There are so many on firewall and under the cowl to hold harness. Does anyone know where to source these? They all appear to have a rubber coating on them as shown below on my pedal bucket.
I repaired some once, and re-created some from light sheet metal. All I could do for the rubber coating is brush on plastidip, they looked okay. :rolleyes:
Was just browsing vintageteqparts.com this morning and saw these. Not exact but could probably work, may have other versions too. @ToyotaMatt

my OEM Japan UNIVERSAL Problem Solver CLIPS , have a 6mm hole for a bolt / screw , / 10mm hex head tool size spec.

are indeed able to be flexed and bent to secure ANYTHING you can possibly imagine that is well small in nature or delicate too

i will say ,,,,,,,,,,

our common 8mm hard FUEL supply and return lines are the LARGEST of its capabilities , and well as small as you can go from there on down to a single LEED of OEM

TRACER Striped wire too

simply put there PROBLEM SOLVERS in every way .....

ZINC plated and RUBBER grip dipped in JAPAN !

FIRE wall and chassis universal OEM toyota genuine parts
who can ask for anything more ...............................TOYOTA ! :D







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Thanks @ToyotaMatt. Those are interesting clips. It would be helpful to how they are used. Any chance you have a photo of them on a FJ40/43/45?
Thanks @ToyotaMatt. Those are interesting clips. It would be helpful to how they are used. Any chance you have a photo of them on a FJ40/43/45?

they are used as i mention above , there attached using a 6mm x 1.0 bolt or screw ,

support and guide fuel lines , wires , leeds , and also clutch hydraulics hard lines and brakes hard lines they can support a 8mm hard fuel line vucly


be squeezed by your fingers to nicely Nessel a small group wires in a small size spec loom or simply taped off ......

if you don't experience or choose not to explore all of the above , in every single technical aspect i have shared for your review ?

i will be very disappointed Paul ............. :confused:

so without further adieu and no more chatty matty , i will pack a small flat rate box with a few 10packs as professional samples .....:D
Those are really nice clips. Thanks for the generous offer. I am working on my next order from VintageTEQ.…I think what is throwing me off is how the two 90 degree angles on the clip fit onto frame or body... Also one of the angles is tapered.

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