For Sale 1975 Toyota Land cruiser fj55 (1 Viewer)

Dec 14, 2009
miami , florida
United States
Debating to sell my Land cruiser so I'm putting it for sale I got it from a gentleman and Colorado where I purchased it and they came with a title error with a zero and set up a 5 so next buyer will have to go through a mechanic's lien I can do that for them at a cost at 400 or go through their own methods but for the truck goes it has a very solid frame front to back not one issue which is very nice surprisingly super strength no leaks through out the truck excessively AKA puddles or build up has a small block 327 or 350 I'm confirmed has Holly street performer intake and carburetor stock transmission for speed with the 3-speed transfer case all go into gear flawlessly has a very nice clutch lockout hubs work great the floors on the truck are about 90% solid front to back it needs bottom of the fenders the rockers inner and outer and the quarters but the door is the top interior very solid original seats in very fair shape for its age has power seats but not hooked up rear power tailgate works nothing of the gauges work on the factory cluster has aftermarket oil pressure and temperature has aluminum radiator always runs very good temperature 175 Max driving in in Colorado and bring it down to Florida where I am I got to drive it for a good bit and it hasn't said Fair bit of play in the steering it's an awkward month because it has the square turn signal lights power brakes but four-wheel drum all standard I'm assuming located and northern Florida fruitland Park looking to pass along the iron pig to a fellow enthusiasts 2800 with the bill of sale all the lights do work except the reverse lights as well as the dash and the blower does work if I put a fuse in it but will not stop until I take it up

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