SOLD 1975 FJ55, Northern Nevada. Not an easy resto, but may make good wheeler.

Vehicle Model
  1. 55 Series
New Washoe City, Nevada 89704 United States
$3500 1975 FJ55. Not running, but nearly complete. Clean title.

Stored outdoors in partial shade, in dry northern Nevada since '08.
Not weather tight, there's some rust and rodent damage but not too bad.

I don't know its history before that, but it did have receipts for alignment in Oregon in the 80s.
Manifolds and carb have been in the back seat since I bought it.
Engine condition unknown. Everything looks original.

The starter does crank it over, video clip in gallery below.

Odometer says 73k.

It was flopped on the passenger side at some point, also denting the roof.
B pillar was welded up, then cracked again.
I don't see any sign that the collision damaged the frame.
It was patched up, bondoed and repainted.

I swapped the driver side fender with my project, so what you see on that side is not from a collision to this truck.

Link below goes to gallery

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