1975 BJ40 - Newb questions

Apr 28, 2022
Costa Rica
Hi everyone,

New here and to the Toyota world. I ask for your patience and guidance please.

I have recently acquired a '75 BJ40 Turbo Diesel which has been purchased in Costa Rica and will remain locally as my vehicle there.
She has been lifted using SOA method. Running 33x12.5s on 15" wheels.

I'd like to get the stance and proportions a little tighter. Some of the questions I have are:

1) Does an SOA lift come in a standard height? If so, what is the lift height. Therefore what can I expect my lift to be?

2) is SOA a smoother ride than Spring under? I think I saw a YouTube video where this conversion was made and smoother was the conclusion.

3) I am aware that there is geometry with regards to the driveshaft, which appears to have been done correctly here. The question is: can I play with the tire size and rim size? Could I swap for 35sx12.5 on say 16s or 17s without affecting this geometry or am I looking at a complete redo?

4) If I can go 35s will the rear wheel wells be an issue?

5) The vehicle doesn't appear to have a sway bar (speed wobble) - Is this something I should consider? My Wrangler up here with a2" lift and 35s does have one and still it can get narly! Lol

Here are some photos of my ride. I welcome any feedback and suggestions.


Here are some videos of the vehicle:

Under carriage




Gassing up

Cruising (side+rear view)

Would love to hear what you guys suggest for small and cheap upgrades that won't break the bank lol.
I have already purchased a brand new OEM replacement gauge cluster for $242.00 usd, as mine was not working. I think that's a pretty good deal? could be wrong but saw some outrageous prices out there!!! LINK

Also, just a heads up, I am Canadian currently residing up here. Just trying to get some ideas for what I might or might not need to bring down with me to CR.

Thanks in advance.


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