For Sale 1975 - 1984 FJ40 FJ45 Front Doors

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Oct 25, 2005
Kerrville, Texas
United States
I have 4 late model FJ40/FJ45 doors that I would like to get out of my way. I don't see any rust through on any of them, but nobody will know until they've been sand blasted. I will say that the white doors were original on my truck, from Canada, and it had some pretty significant rust. The blue doors came with a 73 FJ40 that I bought and then later sold.

I robbed the inner door handles, latch rods and latches from 2 of them for my project. The rest are pretty much all there. One door has been disassembled. These are not just door shells, they are complete doors. all 4 windows are in good shape as well as the roll up mechanisms.

Both white doors are caved in a little from the outside, like somebody leaned on them.

I would prefer to not have to ship, but I guess I could strap them all to a pallet if necessary and ship them truck freight. They are pretty heavy.

I can take and send more pictures if anyone is interested. I am a motivated seller and will take $500.00 for all 4 doors. It's going to be someone's lucky day. :)
Nov 2011 Download 161.1.jpg
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Nov 2011 Download 170.1.jpg
I just got a quote from FedEx of $217.00. That was a guess that each door weighs about 65 Lbs times 4 and strapped to a pallet. For that price, you would have to pick them up at a local FedEx lacation. If they shipped to your residence it would cost twice as much.
I would prefer to sell all 4 at once. You would have a much better market to sell the other 2 doors there in Austin.
Have you sold the doors? Virginia 40 owner is interested.

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