1975 -1979 Era Steel Wheels - Paint Question

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FJ25s did have rims that matched body. Then the FJ40s were black until the 68 model year. From then until the 81 model they were grey. Then white spokes thru 83 the last year Toyota imported the FJ40 to the US market. My very early 68 had four grey and one black. If the spare was a left or black rim or a replacement I don't know. It was six year old. Rode hard and put up wet but was still original.

I’m sure LITP knows about grey outer and black backside rims. Or @JohnnyC
E-60 body color
61-67 black rims
68-72/73 gray rims
72/73-7/80 gray outside / black inside
8/80-84 white wagon wheels

How about Chrome? I got these in trade for some work on my project. I have 5, I believe off a later Toyota mini-truck.

Not really a fan but they were better than the non Toyota wagons the PO had. I am working on sort of a Frankenstein 74 tub/78 top & doors/81 motor & trans FJ40. Was thinking about stripping and powder coating the “correct” color. Just have to figure out the preferred time period.
Just FYI - Started sandblasting stock steel rims last night. Inner rim and back of rim are black, front is grey. I would of thought the entire wheel was painted black then just the front painted grey but there were no signs of black under the grey. I've blasted two wheels and both were the same.

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