1974 FJ40 Help..Massachusetts

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Jun 12, 2017
Sturbridge, MA
Hi guys,

I'm a new member and have a running, driving, stopping 1974 FJ40 with a rotted out tub(I'll post pics up soon)....I just picked up a 1972 1/2 tub in good shape that I plan on using. What would be my best option of where to buy the front floor pans?

I've wanted one of these for 10+ years and actually traded a 10 year old BMW to get this

Can anyone recommend a good shop, or home shop that can turn my tub into a 3/4 tub so I can just mate it up the the firewall? I'm looking for someone who does soda blasting, welding and possibly epoxy primer(although I don't mind trying that myself)....really just need someone to make my tub whole and sturdy. I don't mind trying the welding part myself but maybe easier to pay someone to do it. I'd like to do a lot of the stuff myself....looking for any like minded people or clubs in the area. I've had Jeeps for the past 15 years but really looking forward to restoring this one.

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Jun 17, 2005
UpState Ny, Wells Me
Not too far from you is Walter Moses ... he is a great fabricator and has great prices ... if you can bring it to him ... he can do anything

He's in north pownal VT

Poor Wallys Land Cruiser Emporium

Btw I am in Albany area NY used to drive my cruiser out to OSV for several years when we used to do the family pass thing

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