1974 FJ40 clutch issue discovered/fixed-release lever was loose

Jan 11, 2012
Thanks forum members for discussion on clutch adjustment here: and here: among other places here on the forum.
My issue was not being able to get into gear (felt very hard to go into gear...with motor running, almost felt like transmission binding.)
[FYI, this is not a linkage set-up but shifter directly into transmission through the T-case cover.] I used manual and suggestions from forum to adjust pedal height (and pedal stop,) pedal free-play and slave cylinder (or "release cylinder" rod distance/free-play at fork to allow for 4-5mm distance.)
Problem still persisted and I thought it might be transmission issues...it felt that bad. The spring that keeps clutch fork tension on salve rod was missing and after getting a suitable replacement spring the problem still persisted. I slept on it and returned the next day and after poking and just staring and pontificating on it...I noticed one of the "release lever"(s) was slightly lower than the other two.
pic showing release lever slightly lower compared to other one.jpg

It was lower like that because it was loose (flopping back and forth.) I simply tightened the "release lever" nut down and it fixed it.
Since the pedal and slave adjustments were already made it went smoothly into gear (a bit higher pedal grab though, but ok.)
Apparently with only two release levers taking the pressure the clutch was engaging crooked/partially, but that's just a guess.
Thanks Centerforce for making good clutches (which still works great after all these years.) Just an FYI, to check "release lever" bolts (among the other things to check before doing a clutch adjustment.) Also, thanks forum for the discussion/help.

Haynes manual: cross section of clutch and release lever.jpg

Haynes Manual: release fork and #3 is bolt that tightens it.jpg

Factory Toyota manual: %22release lever%22.jpg

Missing spring.jpg

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