For Sale 1973 FJ55 - San Diego

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United States
Rare find in good shape with no rust. Someone called me out on that statement before, so let me clarify by saying there is no structural rust, no bondo, no rust cut out. It does have one tiny spot of surface rust that I put wax on and there is surface rust on the bumpers (which need to be powder coated anyway - sandblasting will take the surface junk right off).

Recent work includes:
700R4 automatic transmission
Rebuilt transfer case
New drivelines
New exhaust
Vintage Air system
Paint job

GM 350 crate motor already installed when I got it. No leaks and runs great.

Interior is next on the list - it isn't in bad shape, but needs updating. My goal was to put in new carpet and door panels, bucket seats, stereo, center console, and modern seatbelts. However, I've lost interest. I purchased something to replace it, so now I'm really not interested in working on it anymore.

All new weatherstripping and various parts are included in the sale (approx. worth $1,000).

Despite the time and money I have in, I'm willing to sell the Pig for $12,500 or a reasonable offer. I am open to partial trade for an FJ40 that runs but might need fixing up (one worth $4k or less).
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what timing

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Fantastic Pig!

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