Wanted 1973 fj40 Hard top

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May 14, 2011
Hi there. I am looking for a hard top for a 1973 fj40. I am in CA and would be looking for a top that is pretty close (within couple hours drive).
There's one listed on Orange County Craigslist located in Palm Springs. It's off a 74 and it's in excellent shape. $1100
I looked to see where your located in Ca. without success (NEWBIE!!!) If your in Norcal, Sacramento Craigslist and Yuba/Sutter CL both have hardtops within the last couple of days...$350-450.
Thanks for the info. I ended up buying the one from craigslist. I will probably try getting it all together this summer. Looks to be in good shape though it is missing the weatherstripping. I am even thinking of trying to paint it myself. Will be an adventure for sure. :p

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