1973 FJ40 FOR SALE w/engine warranty!

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United States
$9000.00 OBO
I'm selling my 1973 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser and figured I'd throw it out here and see if anyone might be interested. Here's the facts:
1. I have a JASPER 283 V8 Engine in it (March 2005). JASPER Engines (www.jasperengines.com) come with a Nationwide Transferable Warranty for 36 months / 75000 miles. That includes Parts AND Labor. I've only put 1000 miles on the engine so any potential buyers can rest at ease on the mechanics of my FJ. Chrome Engine Kit installed (Oil Pan, Valve Covers, Air Filter, etc.)
2. Dual Exhaust and Flowmasters installed (March 2005).
3. Transfer Case has been torn apart, bead-blasted, and completely rebuilt (October 2005).
4. Hard Top and Soft Top are included.
5. FULL Roll Cage.
6. Jump Seats are included but currently NOT installed.
7. 2 sets of Doors.
8. Diamond Plate on Rear Quarter Panals, no rust that I'm aware of underneath them.
9. All lights and guages work. (Speedo, Oil Pressure, Gas, Temp and Battery)
10. Tires are in excellent condition.
11. Color: Desert Beige with White Top.
12. All Glass in Perfect Condition.
13. Rancho Shocks.
14. Drum Brakes.
15. 3-Speed Tranny.
16. Original Steering Wheel, after-market Seats.
17. Custom Front Bumper. (I'd hate to be on the receiving end of this sucker! (Tree, Car, or Treehugger)
*My/Your Impression: From 15 feet she looks like a restored Cruiser. She is a DRIVER though, not a showcar and gets A LOT of attention when I'm on the road. There is NO RUST in the tub. There was a small amount of surface rust on the drivers side floorboard, but I had it removed and primered. I was told it was originally a California Landcruiser. I have over $12000.00 invested and LOVE this truck. I'm selling ONLY to get into some type of older Muscle Car (Mustang, Camaro, Hot Rod, etc.) Currently I have 3 4x4's and am looking for a bit of SPEED so I can hang with my Dad's '57 Chevy Bel Aire. (Haha!) I'm not very COMPUTER oriented so I will try and figure out how to get some Pictures up. I will consider TRADES if you have something of interest, if not make me an offer. This FJ is located in Dallas, Texas and I would drive it anywhere in the country with confidence. Fly into D/FW and Drive it home, no joke.
Contact me at MESABASS@MSN.COM or try getting me on my cell (only if you are serious): #469-867-3613 (John)
*Email me for pictures*.
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Thanks and welcome to mud!

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