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Aug 16, 2005
Name of sender: Travis
Item for sale or sought: 1972 FJ40
Phone of sender: 604.341.4510
Email of sender: gillespietravis@hotmail.com

I drove this 1972 landcruiser up to Canada from Albuquerque, New Mexico a couple years ago with dreams of a complete restoration, but life has intercepted that idea. This cruiser is relativly rust free except for a little in the regular spots. Most if not all of the cruiser is original: new radiator, battery, radiator hoses, distibutor cap, brake flex hoses and much more. Original motor runs well (I drove from New Mexico!) with three speeds and over drive.

I have all the paperwork, I have not gotten the vehicle inspected yet (would fail due to crack in triangle window and missing horn, among other things).

Along with the cruiser I have some other parts for sale. Price negotiable especially if buying the whole package.

2x new rear quarter pannels- 600
2x new front fenders- 400
Painless wiring harness new-550
Replacement seatbelts- 75
Replacement headliner new- 150
Window washer replacement reservoir and pump-50

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