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Jul 12, 2005

My 1972 FJ40 was plagued with a one year of manufacturing of the fuel filter and fuel line on the non-pressure side of the fuel pump. It takes a coupled connection. I cannot find any Toyota fuel lines with the coupled thread fitting. Fuel filter "out" (23030-24011) threaded connects to fuel line coupling which connects via coupling to the fuel pump. Does anybody know where I can get a Toyota OEM Fuel Line for this configuration? Mine has not failed yet but feels brittle and will replace. Don't need a fire to occur.

Anticipating that the answer to this is "NO" my work around was to purchase a later model fuel filter (23030-60030) with a barbed end which will match up with my "NEW" fuel pump with a "barb" intake fitting. A 1972 fuel pump or rebuild kit could not be found. So, this is what I have got.

However, the NEW fuel pump (for 1974 and newer, part No. 23100-61011) has a wider bolt housing. The to the old fuel pump bolts are M8x20mm (1.25 pitch). The wider housing requires a longer bolt (needs a 10 mm extension M8x30mm 1.25 pitch). I attempted to get longer bolts from Toyota (90080-11251) for a later model FJ40 but they came in as the shorter ones I already had (M8x20 1.25 pitch). See pics of bolts in fuel pump housing and beside each other, OLD and NEW. I was able to pick up bolts at a local hardware store that will fit but they are not Toyota OEM. Anybody know where I can get Toyota replacements as they are "discontinued" from Toyota.

Also looking for a rebuild kit for my old fuel pump as a spare. Seems to be difficult to find as well.

So, probably will have to "give" on being a purist and purchase fuel line. Where can this be bet found to fit the "barbs" on the fuel filter and the intake of the fuel filter?


1. Fuel Line - OEM original or correct size fuel line for "barbs"
2. Rebuild kit for 1972 fuel pump - maybe just a diaphragm
3. New fuel pump bolts Toyota OEM M8x30mm 1.25 pitch







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Apr 2, 2015
Fuel hose 95323-07026 is the correct part number but is discontiniued.
Jul 12, 2005
Thanks for the part number for the Fuel Pump bolts. Will get them ordered. Regarding the fuel line, I may cut off the fittings on the old line and replace the deteriorated fuel line and attach with hose clamps. Will have another post on the Old Fuel Pump as I took it apart. Can't find a Youtube "how to rebuild" for it as can find a Toyota diaphragm but unsure how to release the diaphragm "T" stem from the metal collar and rubber lower seal.

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