SOLD 1972 FJ40 For Sale or Trade (MN)

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series

Not really, but that’s where it is now. i keep it covered in my barn, so technically it fits 😊

I picked up this stalled project a while back, and it’s still stalled. I’m just not going to get to it. I’m offering it here at a loss before I list it to the non mud community.

The chassis is completely redone. Fitted with rough country suspension kit, springs and shocks. Front axle was updated with FJ60 disc brakes and FJ 60 power steering. Borgerson collapsable steering shaft. All front steering and tie rods are new. Shock towers were replaced with F250 towers.

Tub was repainted by the PO. Comes with hard doors not installed, and an new set of Aqualu half doors. No top. Floors, trans tunnel all in great shape. The rest of the body, fenders, hood, barn doors, bib, aprons windshield frame are all in rust free original great shape. One fender has a crack at the curve on the outside…in the normal place. No original seats.

Lots of new parts, lights, aluminum radiator, emblems. Most in boxes. Lots of boxes of parts. I have the transfer case shrink wrapped up. Pics show the truck as it sets complete, and pictures when the engine was installed. Body is not fully tightened to the frame, but it does have the bolts in and body bushings, all new. I don’t have the original motor. I was planning an LS swap. I do have a 2000 LS motor that I can include for the asking price. Its on a rolling half frame, so easily transportable

This will make someone a great project to finish to your own liking.

I’m in the market for a clean Silver FJ60 if your have one to trade. Budget is up to 25K depending on condition. Looking for one to drive, not to work on.

$7500, BO or trade




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More pics. Let me know if you have any questions




Few more






No interest? Make me a reasonable offer.

You know if you are looking at a project, you run into all kinds of surprises on teardown, none positive. This is the best place to start. Clean base, clean tub, fenders, barn doors, build to your liking. Nice, clean painted POR chassis with new suspension, power steering and disc brake conversion. And boxes of parts. Everything you would want to do. Add it up! You would be off to a great start with a year or 5 of work already done.

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