Wanted 1971 Stock Steering Wheel

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pretty sre i have a decent one. $50 plus shipping to you.
Sorry for the delay. I was givin your number from a fellow cruiser. I am interested if you could post some pics, that would be cool.
got youe vm, sorry i could'nt call back. i'll post some pics tomorrow.
georg @ valley hybrids
not at all.......

i have not found a clean early wheel. i do have a couple of nice later wheels but nothing early. i'll keep looking though.
How nice does it have to be? I've got one that is good except for cracks where the three spokes meet the hub.I don't have pics but if needed I can get some.

PM if interested.

If the cracks are small and the finish is not deteriating, I can possible restore it. Send pics if you can, thanks.

Haven't forgotton you. I've taken pics but my daughter is doing homework on the only real good computor (capable of downloading pics off the digital camera) that we have. Hope to be able to snag that computor tomorrow evening for a little while.

Steering Wheel Pics

Here are the pics. The rim has had a wheel cover on it for 25+ years and is in real good shape. It still has the stock horn button cap though the top portion that should be clear has a lot of cloudiness and stress cracks showing. The spokes gradually change and show more wear as you get closer to the hub. The last pic shows the cracks at the base of the spokes. I think this is the worst one, although there is not a lot of difference among all of them. There are cracks on each side of each spoke. As you can see the shaft has been modified/shortened for sag steering. My guess is that you are primarily interested in the wheel only. I do not know about the internal turn signal parts, my guess is that is all gone. As far back as I can remember this has had aftermarket turn signals and horn button on it, it was my brothers for over 20 years.

DSC_0165 - Resized.jpg
DSC_0159 - Resized.jpg
DSC_0160 - Resized.jpg
How about $35 plus the ride. PM me your address and I will find out what UPS shipping will be from here in Oregon.


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