1970 Pig Project For Sale

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Nov 22, 2004
Mesa, AZ
United States
I've got a 1970 FJ55 that I started a restoration on but have run out of steam and am on to other interests. Doors, windows removed, and all body parts and body sandblasted, rust cut out and replaced, and primered but now has some slight surface rust, some bubbling rust behind the rt side rear wheelwell and a dent below the left rear taillight. Engine out and sold, but I have a '77 2F with 4 speed tranny and transfer tha is part of the deal. A 3spd tranny and x-fer will be included. Other things that make this a killer deal:
--2 new SOR metal lower fenders (unmounted)
--New headliner
--Complete set of window and door weatherstripping (I think its all there and no, I do not have the rear window weatherstripping, its unobtanium)
--Add on A/C unit. Was on pig when I bought it and don't know if it works now.

Truck is in Mesa, AZ and I do not want to part out at this time. You will need to come and get it as I don't want to mess with shipping.

$1500 OBO
Pics of the Pig Project

Thanks for the offer. I'll get some pics to you tomorrow so all can see.
Pics are in!

Here they are...

Thanks Pablo Cruise.
Just in case anyone wonders, I do have the doors, fenders, hood, tailgate, windows, etc. They are just not mounted right now.
Well last time he was on was "Last Activity: 03-18-06 08:23 AM" and that is before you posted
1973Guppie said:
this still available, interested! ping me and let me know.....

So it very well may be avaiable but he just hasnt seen your post yet.

PM sent.
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