1970 gauge cluster wiring help

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Mar 30, 2008
Asheville, NC
I need some help with determining the connector wiring on my gauge harnes . Please refer to the photo
Can someone clue me into which plug mates to C on the cowl wiring harness in the 69-71 FSM?

I have a functional speedometer thanks to everyone how contributed to the gauge rehab thread. Even did 80 mph to confirm everything worked (with the help of a drill)
According to your picture, there are only three used locations in each connector out of a possible four.

It should not be difficult to find the correct corresponding connectors, since they are not wired the same.
You're right. I just couldn't see where 12V was coming from. I finally found the wire running back to the fuse block. I'll connect it up tomorrow and see if I let out any of the electric smoke.

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