1970 fj40 tires

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May 14, 2011
Montgomery mn
i have a stock 1970 fj40 and i was wondering what is the biggest tires that will fit, that i will still be able to turn and drive.
Most would say 31x10.50s or 33x9.50s.

How's your ride height? Sagged out or??

I'm now running 33x10.50s with minimal lift and cut out rear fender wells. Last set was 33x12.50s (with manual steering).
Mine had 32 12.50's with stock springs and cut-outs when I bought it. But it did have longer shackles in the back. No issues.
Have since gone to 33 9.50's and 2" OME lift. Stock fronts were sagging bad.
I am running 34x9.5 TSL's stock susp with a whooping 1.5 inch to the quarter. As far as I can tell shackles are stock.
For a little amount of money I would put slightly longer shackels front and back and 31/10.50/15 tires. This will give it a fresh stance, Will look stock and tires are fairly inexpensive and wont have fitment issues. Just my $.02.

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