1970 fj40 softtop

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Apr 9, 2009
I'm sure this question has already been anwered in the forum, but i could not find it. I looking at a 1970 fj40 factory softtop. I'm wondering if it can be converted to a hardtop without major mods. Thanks for the help. Also any info on the pro's and con's of the 1970.
The only major mod would be to take off the soft top and put on the hard top......

The pro's are that its an fj40...maybe little thicker metal than later models...pretty simple to see what you have and work on it....

The con's are that unlike later versions it doesnt have power steering , disc brakes, or the better oiling 2f....

FAQ at the top is a pretty cool place to get some info....
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1970 was the transition year for dual circuit brakes.

If the truck is unmolested, look under the hood on the drivers side. Find the master cylinder, count the number of brake fluid reservoirs. It there are two on the master cylinder, you have the better, safer dual circuit brakes. If there is only one then you have the single circuit widow maker brakes. Regardless, it has drum brakes all the way around and they can be a pain in the ass to keep adjusted.

Look on the drivers side door jamb for the manufacturer date tag. Tell us what the date is and we can tell you more about it.

Everyone here KNOWS the early 70's FJ40's are the best... :cool:
i have a 69 and 70 fst both have been coverted to disc brakes and the 70 to a 2f and the 69 to a v8 because after 40years the orignal 6 gave up .the hardtop conversion is easy as long as you have the stock parts.if the truck is an original fst then you may want to keep the original top and parts for resale value .good luck

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