1970 fj40 build

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Sep 2, 2011
Lebanon Oregon
I bought this fj40 in eastern Washington. My plan is to build a clean capable relatively stock fj40 with some upgrades. This is on my way home.
The engine was tired so I pulled it and replaced it with a f.5 from a 1975 fj40 I own. The 75 body has major rust issues, but the drive train is in great shape and the engine has only 15000 miles on it.
Engine painted. I like por 15. It's tough and looks good. Just brush it on and it self levels. It's expensive though. I was going to rattle can it. Now I'm glad I didn't. The engine and tranny turned out better than I expected.
Thanks Mike. I've got a little more rust repair to do. Then it's time to pic a color. Dune beige or Freeborn red. I can't decide. I better get back to it.
Bud built corners are on. I was really surprised at how well they fit. With as thick as they are, I was worried they would be really hard to get to fit right. I just held em up put some clamps on and started tacking. Maybe I got lucky?
Nice work Mike! Looking good, at this rate you'll be done in a month with paint and everything else.
I've had a few days off work recently so I've been able to make forward progress. I'm hoping to finish the passenger rocker and rear sill in the next couple days. Then it's time to make a color decision. That Freeborn red is stunning.

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