1969 Pig, Cheap

Discussion in 'FJ55 | FJ56' started by lacruiser, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. lacruiser


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    Jan 27, 2004
    Los Angeles
    Saw an ad on Craigslist in the Palm Springs California area.

    She's selling a bunch of stuff left when her father passed. Included in the lot is a pig that's been sitting for many years, with a Ford V8 engine in it. Could be a deal for somebody.

    Here's the ad:

    This is one of several classic vehicles I inherited when my father passed away last year. It is a 1969 Toyota Landcruiser, in need of restoration. It has a few minor dents and surface rust. My father put a brand new Ford engine in it and never completed the hookup. The vehicle has been parked for decades and needs to gone through thoroughly and restored. What a classic! Asking price is flexible - make and offer!

    Here's a list of the other vehicles: Most of these cars were running when they were parked. Dad had a habit of parking a car when it had something minor wrong with it, like brakes or carb problems, and then he would buy another car. The parked one would just sit and rot. So these all need work in some fashion or another, most need to be completely gone through. Prices shown are ideas - we are Open to offers!

    1966 Ford Truck $900 - runs?
    1961 Cadillac $500
    1963 Cadillac $1000
    1963 Cadillac motorhome (very unusual!! I heard there was only about
    20 made - (can anyone tell me about this..?)) $2000
    1975 Chrysler Imperial. big car! FREE
    1969 Toyota Landcruiser $1000 - has a new engine, not hooked up
    1976 Mazda stationwagon FREE
    1977? Plymouth Statonwagon $300
    1980 Mazda truck (rare truck) $1000
    1969 Winnebago motorhome $500 - ran when parked 10 years ago
    1980 Mazda RX7 + spare car for parts $500
    1985? Transport van $1000 - runs!
    1986? Ford Thunderbird $500

    To see photos of these cars, go to http://artbypaula.com/cars
    If you are interested, please call my brother in Morongo Valley, CA 760-363-1945.
  2. nearboston


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    Mar 14, 2006
    I looked at her site.

    The Winnebego looks like it's the one from "Race With the Devil"!

    What the heck, cheap enough parts if you are on the left coast.
  3. kim


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    Jun 6, 2003
    Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
    I thought I was the only person to see "Race With the Devil"!

    That's the first time I've seen the title mentioned in probably 20 years.
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