For Sale 1969 FJ55 in SoCal

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United States
This LandCruiser needs a good home. I started to make it a reliable camping/expedition rig but need someone else to take over. This is a great candidate for a V8 or Diesel transplant or keeping the original motor like I was going to do.
I am asking $3500

Price drop: $3000 OBO

I will check this thread but email is best

Flickr: offroadrunner1's Photostream

Come see it and drive it.:steer:

Cruiser has 72 F motor, 4sp trans, rebuilt carb,
rebuilt steering box, replaced tie rod ends/relay rod end, drag link.
Brakes changed to dual circuit set up(ready for your disk brakes)
rebuilt wheel cylinders
rebuilt power booster (FJ60)
rebuilt master cylinder (FJ60)
adjustable proportioning valve
extended front brake lines
Parking brake
good used drum/ pads
output bearings
new sway bar bushings, new motor mounts
New in/ex manifold gasket
Rear axle overhaul, seals/bearings
Add-a-leaf 1.5" lift
31x10.5x15 BFG A/T with very low mileage on white wagon wheels

Back power window works
Body is in above average condition for a FJ55. There is some rust in the roof panel of the truck, as well as under the rocker panels. There are a couple of rust holes in the front floor pan.
The front doors are sagging a bit on their hinges, the hinges need to be drilled for new pins or buy already rebuilt ones. Front doors are also a little loose on the latch side.

Thanks for looking and any feedback is welcome
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I know this Cruiser will make someone happy:bounce::bounce2:
Thursday night Bump...

I'm going to try putting the Pig on Craigslist to see what happens. I haven't received any interest here on Mud, I'm wondering if it's because of the truck or just the economy being still slow. Any ideas?
Weekend bump...

Thanks for the good word fsusteve.
Bringing it back to the top.
I haven't received any interest yet but I'll keep trying hoping someone will pick it up.

Bringing it back up. Haven't had any interest yet this time, what do you guys think would make it more appealing to sell?
It's a tough economy right now. Price is probably most people's concern when looking at a vehicle. Wish I had to cash to take it off your hands.

Yeah! I think you're right I'm going to keep trying for a little while and reassess if it doesn't go.
Thanks for the reply
Dropped the price to $3000 OBO.
I'd like to see this Pig go to another Cruiserhead who will take care of it for another long time.
Just washed the truck and ran errands with it this afternoon.
I can't believe no one is interested in this rig. I've been toying with the idea of parting it out but I think that would be a shame.

He! He! I know, as soon as I saw what I wrote it didn't sound right...
Hey guys,
Back to the top.
I really need to sell this truck soon, make me an offer I can't refuse and it's yours!
I'm also going to list my FJ40 in a couple of days. Hate to do it but **** happens!!

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