1969 FJ40 with 22RE

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Apr 1, 2016
Bemidji, MN
Just thought I'd post some info and pics about my 22RE motor swap for anyone who is curious...

Some background about the FJ40:

It's a junk yard rescue, pretty rusted up, basically complete but no carburetor.
It cranks over and fires with some help (starting fluid).
F 145 motor with manual three on the tree transmission.
Not sure if the birfields are 10 spline or 27 spline but that will be addressed later...
Here are a few pics of removing the old F engine...




Why I chose a 22RE:
so I did consider other options...
First I thought about just buying a carburetor online, but I decided that since this 40 isn't in very good condition there really wasn't any reason to try and keep it stock...
Second, I have an FJ55 with a 2F and the carb is kind of finicky...can't seem to get it tuned just right...and I've always wanted to try and convert to chevy TBI and see if it will run better...
Third, a V8 or a V6 motor swap is always a good option...
But in the end I chose to go with a smaller 22RE...here's why.
In general, EFI is more reliable than the old carb set up, especially on trails or on trips with changing altitude.
The 22RE is strong enough for what I do...My 4Runner is a beast so the 22RE is good for me on performance.
It may be smaller than the F motor but has about the same horse power and in a lighter package.
And parts are cheaper and easier to get than the original F, although I realize parts would be just as easy to get for any common modern V8...
And lastly, it's unique...and that makes it kinda cool...

Yesterday I got it mocked into place...now to figure out how far back I want to set it and then fabricate some motor mounts.

Please feel free to flame it up, ask questions, and or give some advise about stuff you figure out with your motor swap...


got it standing on it's own...
Donor is a 1991 Toyota mini:
G58 5 speed transmission
VF1A chain driven transfer case (same as V6)
Apparently this is the stock configuration for IFS trucks with vacuum operated front differential lockout, (without manual locking hubs)
Anyone know for sure on that?


Here is with the motor mounts roughly in he same place as the F.
I want to move it back for weight distribution but the rear axle will be pretty short...
Anyone have pics of there 22RE placement?
Maybe just place the motor so the rear drive shaft is the stock length? that way the drive angles are the same...but sort of arbitrary for weight...
anyway, just wanted to show some progress...
I won't question your engine choice, but I will suggest you mount the engine as far forward as you can. Why?? Because you took a very heavy engine out of the rig, that very heavy engine provided a lot of front end traction. The weight on your new engine provides much less front end traction/tire bite, then moving the engine rearward lessens the traction even more, making your front wheel drive worthless, especially in flat land travel in sand/mud/snow- - -make sense?????
Food for thought and those that want to know:

2F = 700 lbs. (+/-)
22RE = 315 lbs (+/-)
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I read an article years ago in a 4X4 mag about that same swap. Don't remember any thing else other than the swap gave it pretty good mileage.:meh:
This engine might not pull the Cruiser....Why such a small engine?

1973 FJ40 curb weight: 3263 lbs.
1990 4Runner curb weight: 3760 lbs.

I don't think it will be an issue.
Plenty of room to work on it and it will start on a hill. It may want lower gearing in order to regain the low end grunt of the 6.
They had the 22r is the RJ70's (light duty 70 series)

Guessing a RJ70 might weight a bit less than a 40 but not alot.
This engine might not pull the Cruiser....Why such a small engine?

It's been done and works fine. The later 22RE has what ~115hp, the F ~125hp, folks manage to drive the BJ40, at what, a screamin 80hp. Coupled with the 5spd and the rig kept light, it should drag it as well as it does the 4Runner. If I were picking Toyota motors, would go with the 3.4 V6/auto, there is one local that is a nice driver/wheeler.
Agreed, the 5VZ is really a good motor. Even better would be a 4.0 1GR from a late Tacoma, 4Runner or FJ Cruiser. That engine is also used in current 7x variants.
Agreed, the 5VZ is really a good motor. Even better would be a 4.0 1GR from a late Tacoma, 4Runner or FJ Cruiser. That engine is also used in current 7x variants.
X2. I parted out my wrecked 03 Tacoma 6 months before finding my 40. The 3.4, TRD blower, 7th injector w/URD fuel mods, 2.1 pulley. What a motor. Would have been a great 40 swap for a non-purist build.
My first car was an RJ70. 22R, but well tuned. It was a bit gutless, but it was geared decently and did the job. You can always turbo/supercharge that sucker - that'd be kinda neat. Don't forget the Hilux final drive ratios are different to the FJ40 ones, so you'll have to address that.
... Even better would be a 4.0 1GR ...

Is there one of those that is easily swap-able? I thought they are highly integrated, like need everything including the correct sun visors to make them work? :hillbilly:
ufdah, long day today...

I spent some time moving the engine around, up, down, forward, back, to see where I wanted it.

I wanted to move it back as far as possible for weight distribution,
and down as low as possible for low center of gravity,
but not so low that it hangs below the frame...
in the end i simply cut out a hole in the floor pan for the stick shift and mounted the drive train accordingly...


I had to cut out the old engine mounts to get the alternator and the a/c pump to fit between the frame rails.
and I had to cut out the rear structural cross member since the 22RE/G58/VF1A is much longer than the F set up.

now, motor mounts:
My first idea was to simply make some out of 2.5" square tubing and 1/4" flat plate I had lying around...but then I realized there are perfectly good motor mounts in the donor truck...
unfortunately the IFS truck motor mounts are integrated into the upper control arm mount and alignment stuff...

but a T100 has slightly different mounts.

I'm not much of a welder but the motor mounts are in! (thanks to a scrapped T100)

so these mounts have little tabs that act like a cradle to let the motor sit on the mount without the bolts in...which is nice...
also, they taper down and are side specific. they should have a little "R" or a "L" stamped into them.

started on wiring but got tired...hopefully it will be running tomorrow...
hsumbal - I think it should be fine...I realize the 22RE is pretty small compared to some, but I've been really surprised with it over the years...I'm not sure I would have believed it without seeing it but a friend of mine (with a 4Runner with 22RE) towed another rig dead through a very difficult trail out here at the Iron Range OHV park...I mean towing another rig is no big deal, but this was a trail that some vehicles can't do by themselves...also the weight thing tigerstripe40 posted...

downey - I'm not sure I agree with your premise that the front axle will be useless...I get the reduction in traction due to loss of weight...take any pickup with an empty bed for example...but I don't think the front axle will be useless...have you seen any mid engine buggy's or sand rails? Many of the Ultra4 and Baja 1000 trucks have a rear mounted engine and they seem to do pretty good...

Oh, and I should mention that budget was another factor in choosing the 22RE. I bartered for the FJ as well as the donor...so far I have spent a grand total of $0.00 out of pocket!!!

I'm not building a planned out project, more like having some fun with what's available...but I have to admit, a modern toyota 6 cyl would be ideal...

I'll have more details tomorrow...


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