1962 Wheel Wells

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Jun 20, 2013
Bowling Green KY
The tub on my '62 is in pretty good shape, with the exception of the wheel wells. Question: will wheel wells from another year fit my '62 year, or do I have to get 61/62 year wells to fit properly? I want to go as close to original as possible, but can't seem to find '62 sheet metal as easily as you can find later model metal. Thanks for any help or advice.
Are you refering to the wheelwell 'tubs' or the exterior sheetmetal (that invariably get cut to clear tires). The short answer for both is yes. The interior 'tubs' from other years will fit with minor differences. Most of these differences involve brackets and plates for factory roll bars, jack handles, etc.
Wheel Wells

FJFJ - here are pics of my wheel wells. The rest of the body and tub is/are in very good shape - no other metal replacement that I can see. The wheel wells have me a little stumped - the driver's side could probably be patch welded, the passenger side is more involved. Always looking for suggestions. securedownload.jpg
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Are you doing the complete restoration right now or just wanting to patch the cruiser up so that you can drive it till winter?
For now, I'm going to get it in half decent shape and drive it until November. Then, I'm ripping it down to the frame and doing what I would call a 95% restoration job (I'm not going to kill myself for 100% perfection). So, in the meanwhile, I'm collecting the major parts I need - I have the original spare tire carrier, steering wheel, tires/rims, seats, and the correct year motor (will change out wheelhouse & T/C and install correct motor after rebuilding it). Thanks - you guys are awesome with the help.
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