1960 FJ25 FST's Ebony & Ivory

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Fabrilatas Venezuela made the floor panel. Very expensive to ship though FYI I don't think I'd do it again.

Work is moving along on both of these trucks, but I've gotten really bad at posting updates - my apologies. I got the seats upholstered for all 3 25s at the same time (including FHT Warden) with a nice marine grade red vinyl at a local shop. Put together the full bow set for the ivory truck and installed. Had some soft tops made through a contact down in Colombia, and I'm now working on prepping to repaint Ivory. I debated back and forth on doing a full repaint but its really pretty patchy here and there and several areas just don't match. Paint should be done within the next week I hope (waiting for it to warm up here a little bit), then just reassembly. Really have not run into any issues on that truck surprisingly, been very fortunate its really in great shape. I was going to put in a new fully reworked @Coolerman harness on this one but the harness is actually in pretty good shape so I'll likely keep that one for Ebony or Warden.

Ebony will be next on the docket, those floors are all done and I gave them a little bit of a surface rust patina treatment that I think helps them not stand out too much. Since there won't be any paint I hope that truck will go together quicker. I just posted an update on the 28 a few moments ago, but we are moving out of state to Tahoe area end of May so I'm trying to get Ivory together and sold (or maybe up to a consignment place) before I leave. We don't have a garage up in Tahoe as of yet so I'll probably have to store these trucks at a property we have in Phoenix for the near term until that situation changes. Probably won't really have a chance to do much with the FHT before that time, but hoping the future will provide an opportunity to move at least a couple of the trucks up there with me.

I'll try to post some more photos within the next couple of weeks. Here are a few of the floors and one of the new soft tops.

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Hi Nathan,

Could you PM me any info on your Columbian soft top source? And maybe post pics of any other colors you got?
I'd given up finding anyone with a pattern to make these. I assume the 1962 FJ40 FST fits the same as an FJ25.

Thanks a million.
Chugging along a little bit on the Ivory project. Decided to do a repaint and go with a modern Toyota gray. Thought it would look better with the khaki soft top. Took it to a friends lift to clean up the undercarriage and respray black down there too. Discovered on the frame it was probably beige at one point. Wish I had the time and money to take it back to that but I need to move this one along. I am loving the gray though and worried I’ll love it too much to let it go!

Interior still needs a matte clear. Hoping to do the exterior later this week sometime.






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My buddy with the paint booth has been busy, finally finished the gray. I absolutely love the color, going to be hard to let this one go! Wheels still need to be painted to match, but the khaki top and red seats are going to really look good with the gray I think. Should be able to start piecing it back together now.




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